Cheap but Luxurious?

Yoga is only possible, if it is completed with the right equipment. A wrong yoga mat for example can make the exercise hard to endure. Unfortunately, yoga mats are not as cheap or affordable as one would imagine. In fact, many people find that the local stores store only low quality cheap mats that are uncomfortable to use, or high end luxurious mats which are hard to

The cheap but luxurious yoga mats are the most sought after in the market. The mat that costs less than 25 dollars in most outlets, yet is considered one of the most durable brands in the market. The mat comes in three colors all of a dark shade so you do not have to worry about getting it dirty. It includes a comfortable surface where you cannot slip, thereby making it one of the safest mats in the market. Its durability has been scientifically proven to at least a few years. See what the best cheap yoga mat reviews say.

Balance from Go is a long mat, that comes in a wide range of colors. The premium mat is actually considered a luxury brand. However, the mats are actually quite affordable. The mat has one of the most intricate designs that allows for maximum balance. It is actually ideal even for novices who may lack the experience to maintain proper balance. The mat is long enough for all yoga poses making it sufficiently comfortable on the knees and even hips and neck. You can easily clean this mat with soap and water because it is highly water resistant.


Of all the mats in the market, the cheapest and best according to several tries is the Hunki Dori mat. The mat comes in some really bright colors to brighten your yoga hour. Furthermore it includes closed cells which make it not just comfortable but also slip resistant. You can comfortable try all poses, and even though you sweat, the mat soaks up the liquid into the closed cells making it very comfortable. The mat also has curved corners so it’s hard to tear. Finally, this is a recyclable mat and with all the concern for the environment then you can rest easy.

As yoga gains more and more popularity, access to cheap and affordable mats is becoming much easier. With the many brands in the market, and especially access to the internet, one can easily find the most affordable mats where the price including shipping is much more affordable.

Revolutionary Heart Rate Monitor


Whether you are a fitness fanatic or simply someone who wants to shed off some of those extra pounds, a heart rate monitor just has to be in your tool kit. The best thing about a heart monitor is that it can also be used when carrying out day to day activities, in competitive situations or even for recreational activities. They are also a sure way of ensuring that you do not get a heart attack and that you stay within safe levels of rigorous exercise by helping you track your heart rate and keep it at optimal levels. They are designed to read electrical signals from the heart and display them on their screens. The Polar RS100 was named the best heart rate monitor in the market in 2014 because of its innovative design and additional features. Get more information by reading this strapless heart rate monitor reviews 2014.

In addition to having a textile chest strap transmitter, this monitor comes with a wristwatch. As if that is not enough, it is the only wristwatch in the market that has an impressive two year battery life. It can record an overwhelming 100 hours of workouts which lies in a heart range of between 15 to 240 beats per minute. This range means that it can handle an array of fitness levels. It also distinctly contains a GPS which means that a jogger or runner’s location is untraceable. In my opinion, the Polar RS100 is one of the most reliable watches on the market. In addition to being distinctive, it has also been rated by customers as the easiest wrist watch to use in the market.

With this wrist watch, you do not have to press any buttons to see your workout progress. The only thing you need to do to track your rate is move the wrist towards your chest area and viola; data! You can also use it at night, thanks to the inbuilt backlight feature. The Polar RS100 would however be ideal for all people in all fitness levels, making it the ideal heart rate monitor for both beginner and expert. Visit Glee Club Online to find out more on the best heart rate monitors.

Quality Training With Quality Machines

There are varieties of elliptical machines for training. These machine are readily available in the market and mostly in the online stores. Among the many; only few have outstanding performance and of high value. These few are the top rated and highly preferred by people who value quality and excellence. That is the reason as to why they are called the best elliptical machines.

A few of the available machines can be classified under this category since only a few may exceed customer expectations. For the case of this review; they include

1. Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer


This model is an amazing model especially under the price of $1000. It is a high quality machine which is sturdy enough to hold weight of up to 275lbs. in addition the machine is quiet that means you can conduct your workouts in the house even when the children are asleep. The price is good and affordable for many. In comparison of the services and the price, many clients says that it is worth the price. The official website here.

2. Sole E55 Elliptical trainer


This machine is slightly heavier than the E35 though sturdy enough to hold weight capacity of up to 375lbs. it is just like the gym machine with a flywheel of up to 30-pounds. Compared to E35; this machine is sturdier than the E35. This machine is better suited for people with bigger build and might be challenging for skinny people. For those intending to use the machine as a couple; it is advisable that the wife test it first.

3. Sole E35 elliptical trainer

This is another great machine that falls under the category of best brands and models. It has a fly wheel of up to 25 pounds with unique oversize foot pedals and also with a slightly sloped inward pedals to reduce ankle and knees stress.